Coolest Lamp Ever Mimics the Weather Outside, Frightful or Not

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If you have ever wished that you could bring the weather indoors, this prototype chandelier is the unnecessary-but-incredible device for you.

It uses Wi-fi to obtain weather data, and then puts on a show for you that matches nature's show outside. When it's sunny, it's yellow. Overcast? Well, that's when it gets fun. The Nebula 12 uses liquid hydrogen and water to produce a cloud.

"In the standard mode, Nebula 12 predicts the weather for the next 48 hours. A threatening low-pressure area is announced by a red cloud, and sunshine is shown in yellow. At the same time, the user can adjust the settings and define the source of information themselves."

According to Micasa Lab, Nubula 12's creators, "the light but stable creation can be used in many ways: Nebula 12 can, like a natural cloud, change in colour and brightness and thus can be used as a variable source of light for romantic evening meals, when doing homework, when reading or just chatting."

Don't worry, the Nebula 12 won't precipitate. And that cloud won't spread all over your house, the device's vacuuming system makes sure of that.

“With Nebula 12, Micasa wants to expand the definition of what a lamp is. It is important for us that we not only challenge ourselves, but also our customers. And Nebula 12 is something completely new which should stimulate people to think beyond the boundaries of conventional lighting systems”, says Matthias Wunderlin, manager of Micasa.

Of course, it's only a concept right now. And it only works via weather data sent to the Nokia Lumia 920. You'd think that if they ever mass-produced the fixture, they would open it up to be compatible with a wider range of devices. Aside from having to constantly refill the liquid hydrogen and water (its life is only 72 hours), I don't see many other nuisances. All I see is my friends coming over on cloudy day and exclaiming, "Holy shit, you have a cloud in your living room!" Awesome.

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