Consumers Choosing Independents Over Corporate


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Milo.Com brings us this next infographic and I can honestly say I am happy to see it. There is no doubt America is a country driven by the corporate machine, but it wasn't always that way. Our economic prosperity is forever tied to the small businesses and independent organizations that built and grew our country into what it is today.

For that reason I am proud to see that consumers still support, and prefer to spend their hard earned dollars at small and independent businesses as well as the larger staple corporations that hold or economy together. There are many benefits to supporting local business. In many cases we can see money funneled directly back into the surrounding economy, we see people in our community gaining employment, and we give other businesses an opportunity to grow and attract traffic from those establishments.

In 2001 revenues grew for small and independent business and I hope this is a trend that will continue to grow. Big business and corporations aren't bad, after all, large scale manufacturing is what gave us many of the conveniences we enjoy today. The key to a healthy economy is balance and a resurgence in the popularity of smaller business is what we've been needing.

Take a look at what Milo has presented us with, I think you'll find it interesting and also discover that small business does matter to the people in your community.

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