Conor Oberst Files Libel Suit After Rape Claim

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Bright Eyes frontman Conor Oberst has filed a libel lawsuit against a woman who claimed he sexually assaulted her.

On Wednesday an attorney for the singer-songwriter filed the civil suit in a federal court in Manhattan. The suit claims that last December a woman made "despicable, false, outrageous, and defamatory statements" about Oberst.

According to the suit the "woman posted accusations that Oberst raped her a decade ago in North Carolina after his brother, her middle school English teacher, introduced the two at an Oberst show." The suit also says she was 16 at the time and that Oberst also punched her in the face.

The suit also notes that the woman accusing Oberst of sexual assault said she did not come forward about the assault because of the way her family and friends reacted. At her husband's suggestion she posted the accusations about Oberst 10 years later to help others who have been sexually assaulted. The woman wrote, "Conor took a lot from me including my virginity, my dignity, and self-esteem."

However Oberst's suit is claiming that recently the woman has written posts on social media praising Oberst and Bright Eyes.

Oberst says the media coverage of these accusations have damaged his career, especially in New York. He also claims he was with "his brother, bandmates or then-girlfriend" at the time the woman claims the assault took place.

It seems there is a mixed crowd of people on Twitter. Some believe the woman's accusations, while others believe Oberst is innocent.

Oberst is seeking monetary damages, attorney fees and other costs in his suit.

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