Congressman Wins Award for Dumbest Tweet Following Capitol Shooting

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Let's congratulate Arkansas Congressman Tim Griffin (R) on producing the most ill-timed tweet of the day.

In the moments following this afternoon's shooting near the U.S. Capitol, Griffin chose to insert a jab at President Obama, Chuch Schumer, and Nancy Pelosi into the mix.

Here's what Griffin had to say via his personal Twitter account, which only boasts just over 2,500 followers (his official Congressional account has nearly 10,000):

That one's a screenshot, not an embed, because Griffin eventually deleted the tweet following some harsh backlash.

Way to stick that one in there, Tim.

Griffin later apologized for the tweet...kind of.

The victims and their families are in my thoughts and prayers. The shooting today is a terrible and inexcusable tragedy and an act of terrorism. No one but the shooter is to blame. We are still processing information about this shooting, but as I have been saying for days, we all need to choose our words wisely because violent rhetoric only coarsens our culture, creates an atmosphere of incivility and is not helpful. I tweeted out of emotion but agree that the timing was not helpful.

At the precise moment when shots are being fired outside the Capitol, let's all agree to shut up about politics, shall we?

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