Conan O'Brien Teases Nudity At MTV Movie Awards

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Conan O'Brien is just hours away from hosting the MTV Movie Awards tonight at 9pm on MTV. One thing about the gig that he's not nervous about? Showing off some skin. "I've been preparing for this job for several years," the famous comedian and late night host jokes. "I've been doing a series of isometrics, underwater exercises, Pilates and Greco-Roman wrestling, which had no benefit to my body, but I strangely enjoyed it."

But really, Conan knows that now on television, it's sex and skin that sell. “What’s interesting is that the world has changed so much since when I first got into television; you have to be increasingly fearless. So, I want people to see parts of my body that no one should see."

He's also not afraid of the stiff Sunday night television competition, which includes the much-hyped "Game of Thrones" and the sixth season premiere of "Mad Men." "'Game of Thrones' is a complete waste of everyone's time," Conan scoffs. "The dragons attack everyone and eat their face on Sunday night. That's what happens, so don't even bother watching. 'Mad Men'? Yawn. OK. Someone had too much to drink and slept with somebody. Whatevs, OK?"

The MTV Movie awards will try to compete with said shows by using special effects on their apocalypse-themed stage, including huge flames and a 5,000 pound fake popcorn, and with sexy categories such as best kiss and best shirtless performance. About the flames, Conan says, "It's the most flames I've ever been around in my life. Every single part of the set explodes into flames at one point during the show."

And about best shirtless performance? Well, his money is on Thor himself - Chris Hemsworth. "First, I think he deserves it," Conan tells MTV. "Second, I've put a ton of money down. I've made a bet, a huge bet, and I'm into some bad people for the money. I think when people start taking their shirts off and you put Thor in the category, Thor wins, hands down, every time," he said.

The MTV Movie Awards hosted by Conan O'Brien kicks off on MTV tonight at 9pm EST, or you can watch the all-access live stream at

Image via Conan O'Brien, Twitter

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