Compare Your 40 Time With Rich Eisen, NFL Draft Prospects


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The NFL Scouting Combine begins today (2/22) as teams get ready for the meat market-like approach to evaluating future NFL prospects, in preparation for the upcoming NFL Draft. The Combine is popular event in the sports world, getting almost as much attention as the NFL Draft itself.

When you hear NFL pundits say the season never ends, this is what they are referring to.

One of the more popular/important activities of the NFL Scouting Combine is the 40-yard dash. Entire careers are made (or broken) based on the amount of time it takes these prospects to travel 40 yards as quickly as they can. Not only have careers been made, but the NFL Scouting Combine also offers the opportunity to create a legend. Just ask Chris Johnson after his 40 time was posted.

There is, of course, video of Johnson's monumental dash:

Another legend that was born from the Combine's 40-yard dash involves NFL Channel personality, Rich Eisen. In 2005, Eisen famously tried his luck at the infamous dash, complete with a suit and tie. His time? Well, let's just say Chris Johnson's legend is still safe. Now Eisen's dash has become a yearly event, something the following video indicates quite well:

Now Eisen, along with the rest of the NFL family, is inviting you to do the same. His post has the details:

At any rate, the good folks at the NFL Network came up with this idea to have you to run in your work clothes at your work place, roll a camera on it and post the video. The best ones will air on NFL Network before I lace ‘em up again and make another molasses-like run at glory. Please, do not hurt yourself. And also do not cost yourself your job.

But, wherever you are, foreign or domestic, the one thing that you absolutely must do … is run.

Once the video is posted, Eisen recommends tweeting a link to his account (@RichEisen), the NFL's (@NFL), or to the NFL Network (@NFLNetwork). Be sure to use the hashtag #RunRichRun.

Of course, the best and worst videos will be shown on the NFL Network, shortly before Eisen once again hurtles himself down the 40-yard distance. With that in mind, get to posting those 40-yard dash videos, if, for nothing else, to see how you stack up against future NFL pros, and, well, Rich Eisen, too. Considering how Eisen compared to Julio Jones (upcoming video), don't get too discouraged if you're miles away from Chris Johnson's epic time: