Comedian: 106 Pounds Lost Since Surgery


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Lisa Lampanelli is known as one of the most insulting of insult comics, but that doesn't mean she was immune to the insults being thrown her way during her numerous roast appearances.

One year ago, Lampanelli underwent weight loss surgery, getting a gastric sleeve implanted. Since that time the comedian has been shedding weight, but this week she got a little more specific about just how much.

In Touch magazine this week published an interview with Lampanelli in which she tells the publication she has lost 106 pounds over the past year, saying, "I'm officially a skinny bitch!" Though the surgery certainly helped, Lampanelli credits her weight loss to exercise and eating less. She stated the surgery isn't a miracle and that she had to figure out her "addiction issue" with overeating.

Meanwhile, Lampanelli is continuing to use her Twitter feed to practice her insult comedy. One recent target of her ire was reality star Honey Boo Boo's mother, who was recently married while wearing an untraditional dress: