Colorado Standoff: Hostage Rescued, Suspect Killed

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A standoff between the Arvada SWAT team and an alleged “absconded parolee” lasted for 18 hours in a residential neighborhood.

What started as a domestic dispute between a man and woman on Monday later turned into a hostage situation after police officers responded to a 911 call at 5:30 p.m.

After learning that someone had contacted police enforcement, the man attempted to flee the scene.

The suspect ran next door and broke into a neighbor's home where he then held a 13-year-old boy captive.

According to the Washington Post, the Associated Press reported:

“Police negotiated with the suspect, and aware that he was watching media reports, released few details during the standoff, other than to say the hostage and suspect didn't know each other. The suspect also called some media outlets with what police described as misinformation.”

The local media was asked by the police department to not release any information that was given by the suspect.

The suspect was shot and killed after opening the door to retrieve items left by police negotiators.

The boy was immediately rescued Tuesday afternoon and was reunited with his mother and brother unharmed.

It was later determined by the local corrections department that the suspect was most likely an escapee. Police officers have identified him as Don Pooley, but his identity has yet to be verified.

In addition to the Colorado standoff, a similar situation occurred on the same day at the Traveler's Inn Motel in Winston-Salem, N.C., but lasted for 29 hours.

On Tuesday afternoon at 3:30 p.m., suspect Christopher Shane Jenkins surrendered to police following the release of a 16-year-old hostage two hours prior.

Police officers have confirmed that Jenkins has outstanding warrants for sexual assault and faces charges for harassment.

The teen hostage was later identified as the suspect's brother who was also arrested for outstanding warrants.

Although a firearm was found in the motel room, no injuries were reported.

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