Colbie Caillat Surprises "Friends" Fans With "Smelly Cat"

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Colbie Caillat has seen a bit more commercial success than Phoebe Buffay ever did, but that didn't stop her from stopping by the Central Perk pop-up in New York over the weekend and treating fans of Friends to a rendition of "Smelly Cat".

The singer, who is a huge fan of the show, said she was so excited to visit the iconic coffee shop that was featured on the sitcom, which just celebrated its 20th anniversary.

The show enjoyed massive success over the course of a decade, spawning catchphrases, haircuts, and a love of goofy songs that even touched the actors. Courteney Cox, who played Monica on the show, told Jimmy Kimmel that when she show first started, the cast got together for viewing parties every week.

"We did. The whole cast. Maybe even [director] Jimmy Burrows and maybe the creators. We did it every single Thursday for like the first year," she said.

Caillat made headlines earlier this year with her single Try, which not only became a huge hit, but featured a video that went viral. The song--about the pressures women feel to look perfect at all times--spoke to people in ways she never imagined.

“The inspiration came from personal experience of being in the music industry and feeling like I need to always look polished for people to like me. It was frightening at first. Before I was like ‘Cool, this is awesome, I’m excited to do it.’ And then when I got there and I was just in front of the bright lights and HD camera, I was looking at everyone watching the monitor and of course I’m just thinking, Okay, they’re seeing that I have really light eyebrows and they’re probably looking at the mole on my forehead that I should be covering up,” Caillat said. “I hoped it would get attention and I hoped it would affect women, and people. I mean I’m even getting grown men telling me that they love this song and this video makes them cry,” she said.

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