Colbie Caillat Announces Tour For The Ladies

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Colbie Caillat and Christina Perri announced their upcoming joint tour this week, which will be called The Girls' Night Out, Boys Can Come Too.

The summer tour will take the ladies across the country starting in Connecticut in July, and will run through late August. Perri will be very busy this year, as after she leaves the tour with Caillat she'll join Ed Sheeran's until September. Perri, whose huge hit "Jar Of Hearts" found success on competitive dance shows, has found a loyal following of fans with her most recent songs.

"Human," the acclaimed first single from "HEAD OR HEART," was certified RIAA platinum for sales now well in excess of 1 million. Hailed by Billboard as a "delicate alt-pop ballad that should delight supporters of (Perri's) breakthrough single 'Jar of Hearts,'" the track proved another colossal hit for Perri, lighting up the Top 10 at multi-format radio outlets nationwide," reads a press release from Atlantic Records.

Caillat garnered quite a bit of attention last year with her video for "Try", in which she strips down to makeup-free and shows off her natural beauty because, as she says, she was tired of seeing so many celebrities being Photoshopped.

“The inspiration came from personal experience of being in the music industry and feeling like I need to always look polished for people to like me. It was frightening at first. Before I was like ‘Cool, this is awesome, I’m excited to do it.’ And then when I got there and I was just in front of the bright lights and HD camera, I was looking at everyone watching the monitor and of course I’m just thinking, Okay, they’re seeing that I have really light eyebrows and they’re probably looking at the mole on my forehead that I should be covering up,” Caillat said.

Colbie racked up over 15 million views within just a couple of weeks with the video, and said she immediately had fans letting her know how much they appreciated the message.

“I hoped it would get attention and I hoped it would affect women, and people. I mean I’m even getting grown men telling me that they love this song and this video makes them cry,” she said.

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