Cocaine-Filled Condoms Sent To Vatican

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A lot of strange things get sent through the mail and drugs are one of the most common. While drug dealers and users will go to great lengths to hide or disguise drugs, sometimes they slip up and most mail sorters and customs agents know what to watch for.

Cocaine-filled condoms were recently discovered by customs officials at an airport in Leipzig, Germany. The package that contained the condoms was addressed to the Vatican Post Office, but not a specific resident. Anyone living within the city-state could have picked up the package had it arrived at the post office as planned.

The cocaine was contained inside the condoms and the condoms were packed in between cushions that were shipped from South America. Condoms are a popular shipping choice for drug traffickers. The cocaine was found in January, but a report was not immediately issued. Officials planned to use the package to make an arrest.

The officials in Germany made the Vatican aware of the package and a sting operation was planned to arrest whoever tried to claim the package. The package was never claimed and no arrests were made. Officials are not sure why nobody came to pick up the package but believe the intended recipient may have been tipped off.

The amount of cocaine inside the condoms was estimated to be worth about $55,000. Officials believe the package was being shipped to a dealer and are not sure how the dealer was tipped off or whether the tip came from South America, Germany or the Vatican.

Police in Germany and the Vatican are working together to catch the traffickers and although the package is no longer waiting to be picked up at the Vatican post office, the case is still open.

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