Coca-Cola, "America the Beautiful" Ad Causes Stir


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These days, people love to be outraged. Whether their outrage comes from a tweet they've seen and found offensive, or from a song they think is inappropriate, it doesn't take much for some people to get all bent out of shape over nothing.

So it wasn't surprising to learn that a lot of people took to Twitter yesterday to complain about a Super Bowl commercial that showed "America the Beautiful" being sung in different languages.

The controversial ad came from Coca-Cola, and it pretty much followed the same concept of a lot of Coke commercials from the past.

In the spot, the "America the Beautiful" song starts out in English, but eventually it's sung in other languages to represent two things: One, that people all around the globe enjoy Coca-Cola and that somehow binds us together, and two, that America is a true melting pot with a multitude of different cultures.

But, a lot of people didn't see things that way, and they were highly offended as a result. From there, a #BoycottCoke campaign was created.

"An insulting commercial to our incredible country," wrote one person. "America the beautiful in a different language is just unacceptable," wrote another. "Disrespecting my country with that awful commercial," wrote a third.

However, a good number of people responded to the #BoycottCoke negatively, and blasted the folks who are supporting it. "So several Americans are #BoycottCoke because they felt the commercial was un-American," one person Tweeted. "Grow up USA. Welcome to multiculturalism."

"Welcome to America," another person wrote. "Now speak any language you like. That is freedom. Don't #boycottcoke."

Now whether the controversy behind the Coke commercial goes away quickly or whether it makes people debate each other for a long period of time remains to be seen, but better believe that it won't take too long until folks are outraged yet again. For some reason, being outraged and offended all of the time is the new American way.

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