Cobie Smulders Talks About Her Beloved Series Ending

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Currently at age 31, Cobie Smulders started working on the long running CBS sitcom How I Met Your Mother when she was just 22 years old, and with the series ending on Monday, she's trying to keep a stiff upper lip, she says, and appreciate how long the show has been on.

"No, it's still airing," replied Smulders when she was asked if she was sad about the series ending.

"And I wonder if when it's stopped airing, I will feel like it's over....I've landed in this place of just sublime gratitude, truly, because any time I start to get sad about our show, I think about just how long we have been on the air."

Playing the character of Robin Scherbatsky has been a blast, said the Vancouver native, but she's a little scared of what the future holds, because although she'll be busy with the Captain America and Avengers franchises, she's not sure where work will come after that, which is a new experience for her.

"And now I'm just walking out there into the unknown, and I just start weeping," she said. "I don't know when I'm going to work next."

Before she starting rehearsing lines and going on auditions, Smulders was a pretty successful model, but she eventually gave it up because she didn't really like it.

Plus, posing for the camera isn't really her thing, she says, and despite her gorgeous looks, Smulders admits that she's not the most confident person.

"I don't find myself a very confident person, about my looks or my body," she said. "But it did allow me to, you know, walk into a room and just start talking to people, because so much of that time I was alone. I was alone in another country where I didn't speak the language."

But here's where the irony lies: Smulders is posing for the camera again as a famous actress, especially now since How I Met Your Mother is in its final days. However, she puts up with it, she says, and hopes that being on magazine covers will eventually lead to more work.

"I still don't really enjoy having my picture taken," she stated. "But I do it because I know that through that maybe I'll get that little indie film, and I'll be a big enough name that they'll take a chance on me and I'll be able to play that role that I've always wanted to play."

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