CNN Anchor: Cancer Announcement Is Thanks To Angelina

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CNN anchor Zoraida Sambolin said today that she is electing to have a double mastectomy after a breast cancer diagnosis, and it's thanks in part to Angelina Jolie's announcement about her own surgery that she had the courage to speak up about it.

Jolie, who wrote a piece for the New York Times this week about her brave decision to go under the knife as a preemptive strike against breast cancer, says she did it partly because she watched her mom go through a battle with the disease and doesn't want to leave her own children without their mom. Sambolin says the same thing inspired her to elect for the invasive surgery.

"I struggled for weeks trying to figure out how tell you that I had been diagnosed with breast cancer and was leaving to have surgery then Angelina Jolie shares her story of a double mastectomy and gives me strength and an opening," Sambolin wrote on Facebook.

Sambolin says her prognosis is a good one due to early detection, and says she wants to warn women of the dangers of being neglectful with their breast care. She is scheduled to undergo surgery on May 28.

Amanda Crum
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