Cleveland: Suicide Note Found in Castro's House


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Earlier this week, three women held against their will for years were rescued when a local man heard one of them screaming and came to the rescue. The women were later revealed to be Michelle Knight, Gina DeJesus, and Amanda Berry, who had been missing for ten years.

Their captor has since been identified as Ariel Castro, who kept the women for his own dark desires. Castro has now been arrested and charged with kidnapping and rape. The Cleveland community is beginning to come to terms with how the seemingly boring man could have been a torturer.

According to a report from local Cleveland news station 19 Action News, a letter written in 2004 has been found at the suspect's house. In the letter, Castro reportedly blames his victims for being caught, and colors himself as a "sexual predator." Castro goes as far as to admit that he needs help, and even contemplates suicide for the sake of his victims.

19 Action News reporter Scott Taylor has been tweeting details from the letter:

Taylor has promised that he and the news station will be revealing further details on the letter on Thursday.