Cissy Houston Says Granddaughter Bobbi Kristina Brown Is 'Not Progressing At All'

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Cissy Houston says granddaughter Bobbi Kristina Brown is "the same, she's not progressing at all."

Bobbi Kristina Brown was found unresponsive in her Atlanta home in January and little has changed in the months since.

"She's not gone yet, but you know, whatever the Lord decides, I'm ready for her ... I have nothing to do with that. That's His job. It's His territory, you know? And I understand it," Cissy Houston told Entertainment Tonight on Saturday.

Bobbi Kristina's father Bobby Brown and aunt Pat Houston were recently named co-guardians over her medical and care needs and in that role, will ultimately decide if and when Bobbi Kristina will be removed from life-support.

"It came alright, It was fine. We're a family ... that works together for the best. You want the best for whomever or everybody we can," said Cissy Houston of the decision.

Cissy Houston told ET that she relies on her sons, her family and God for strength to get through each and every uncertain day.

"I'd like to thank everybody who was praying," she said. "Who really knows the worth of prayer and I'm sure it'll get through. You know, praying along with me. It's all I can tell you. I'm just waiting for whatever happens. We go to the hospital every day and pray and, you know, I talk to [Krissi] because she can still hear, and I rub her hand and what not. My daughter-in-law and my son, we do what we can do. The rest is, we can't do anything about because that's all up to Him. We know nothing about his plan."

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