Cincinnati Bus Crash Leads to Federal Investigation


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Federal officials have stepped in to do a thorough investigation on the Greyhound bus that veered off Interstate 75, flipping over into an Ohio cornfield over the weekend. WDTN-Dayton, Ohio reported that an extensive investigation will be conducted by the U.S. Department of Transportation and Federal Motor Carrier Administration in conjunction with the Butler County Sheriff's office.

The local and federal entities have intervened to assist the Ohio State Highway Patrol in an effort to expeditiously determine the cause of the accident. Today, the Greyhound bus' brakes where the main focal point of the investigation. Other mechanical parts where also inspected, but no mechanical specifications have been released as of yet. The tapes from the bus' surveillance system have also been sent off for further review. The tapes will be observed to determine if any unusual activity took place minutes before the crash.

“We're still putting together pieces of the puzzle. We haven't determined the cause,” admitted Highway Patrol Lt. Edward Meija. Meija also informed the media that Dwayne Garrett, the 64 year old bus driver, who was also injured, voluntarily gave an investigative statement, and allowed for blood to be drawn for testing.

Greyhound Lines Inc. representative Alexandra Pedrini stated that the driver has 15 years experience, in addition to a 'clean driving record.' She went to say that the bus had also passed its  annual inspection recently.

The bus crashed at around 4:00am Saturday morning on Interstate 75, about 25 miles north of the Cincinnati city limits. The bus, transporting 51 passengers, was in route from Cincinnati to Detroit, MI. Approximately 35 passengers were injured, and six remain hospitalized.


Image Via Cincinnati Enquirer