Chromebook Owners Get Free Google Music Trial


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Google is offering a 60-day free trial of its Google Music All Access, which normally costs users $9.99 per month, to Chromebook users, the company announced via its Google+ page Monday.

A new post on the company's Google+ page states:

"Listen up! We've got a special offer for select Chromebook owners -- now you can try All Access, Google Play's music subscription service, for 60 days free. Enjoy an ad-free library of 20 million songs instantly, or easily create a personalized radio station with no skip limits."

It also includes a link for users to click on to activate their free trial.

There is no explanation given for what is meant by "select Chromebook owners."

It is, according to, likely a reference  to the regions where All Access is available, and not the model of Chromebook being used. The details page shows a check mark next to every model, indicating that all models of the Chromebook are included. Google also revealed that the offer will be valid through September 30, 2014.

Ads-free access to the compilation of 20 million songs is available to Chromebook owners for free for two months. Users can also set customized radio stations via the All Access platform. Only users who have not yet tried the service are eligible for the free trial.

Users can access the free service by signing in using their Google accounts. and they must have latest Chrome OS version installed on their Chromebooks.

This special offer comes with Chromebook Goodies. Chromebook Goodies are the free services that comes along with new Chromebooks and Chrome OS. The Chromebook Goodies free services include Google Drive storage, and Gogo internet passes. And now Google Play Music All Access is also added in Chrome Goodies for free but only for two months.

Image via Wikimedia Commons