Chrome OS Touch Rumors Restart


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Given the way in which the iPad's dominated this week's tech news, rumors about all other sorts of touch-sensitive technology were bound to spread.  Still, there may be something to the excitement about Chrome OS responding to touch, as a Google employee sort of set off the hubbub.

Google ChromeHere's a disclaimer: what was said today didn't come near a definite "yes, we're working on that."  It might have just been a sort of spoken misstep, and the most promising-sounding part may have been a sign of optimism not meant to signify any definite product plans.

Still, Senior Product Manager Anders Sandholm had an interesting response when asked about Chrome OS and touch.

According to Dan Grabham, Sandholm looked at a PR rep, "chuckled nervously," and said, "I can't . . . I mean . . . right now we are targeting netbooks, that's what we're focused on, but I expect it to work well . . . we expect it to target everything up to desktop computers."

So take that as you will.  At the least, the interest in Sandholm's comments has demonstrated that there's an interest in a some sort of Chrome tablet or touch PC.

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