Christy Mack: War Machine's Brother Stands by His Side

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When Christy Mack’s ex, Jon Koppenhaver, was put on suicide watch after being found unresponsive in his jail cell with a bed sheet around his neck, the conversation about the famed domestic violence incident took a different turn.

Koppenhaver had reportedly sent a letter out to a friend prior to the attempt, which included this statement of apparent resignation:

"I refuse to live a parasitic life, relying on taxes and the generosity of friends for food and shelter, while never being able to give back. I always used to say, ‘You gotta know when the gig is up.’ I had a good run. I experienced more in my short life than 5 avg. men combined.”

After the suicide attempt was reported, Jon Koppenhaver’s brother Michael, who had apparently been somewhat estranged from Jon for a while, supported him and got word out to Jon’s fans about his condition. Michael Koppenhaver writes a blog called Words From a Nobody, and he posted this about “War Machine’s” suicide attempt.

"Imagine a solitary jail cell so quiet your thoughts sound like screams. The walls and floor so cold you can’t imagine ever feeling warmth again. A coldness so still that the energy of the room feels like a living death you can’t escape.

"Now imagine being a sad, sick, self-loathing person locked in this room for twenty-three hours a day with little to no human connection or interaction. Imagine knowing complete strangers hate you and are wishing death on you and your family because of a choice you made. Your hopeless mind rolling over and over on the concept that you may never be free again because of a decision you made in a moment you couldn’t handle or control.”

Michael himself has gotten death threats.

In his posts, he paints a picture of his brother as he sees him, not innocent, but flawed and troubled, in need of help. He speaks of mental illness and frailty. He posts videos showing the more humane side of a man who calls himself “War Machine.”

But he also implies that Jon Koppenhaver was pushed to his actions because Christy Mack did not support and understand his temper.

"I have a temper and I do my best to control it. My lady knows I have a temper, she accepts that about me and helps me do my best to control it. She knows what triggers my anger so she helps steer me away from situations where I may not make the best decisions. We are responsible for our own actions but in a partnership it is our responsibility to understand our partners, to nurture, help and love them. If your significant other is making you crazy, maybe it is time to make a change.”

Michael has retweeted articles about his brother’s claim that he was “ambushed” at Mack’s house that night. He railed against Christy Mack when she went out for ice cream in her sweat pants after being locked in the house for weeks.

But he is also clear about his opinion of what his brother allegedly did.

In Jon Koppenhaver’s would-be suicide note, he apologized to his brother, saying, "Sorry I wasn’t a better brother. Don’t let the Koppenhaver name die Mike, its all you.”

While Jon Koppenhaver has not done much to endear himself to any but his most die-hard fans, and other assorted misogynists who think being a porn star means you should expect to get pummeled, he is also someone’s brother. War Machine may well be prosecuted for what he is accused of, hopefully for no more than that — justice is only served if it meets its limit. But a man like Michael Koppenhaver, who is finding it in himself to stand with his broken brother, should be allowed to find his way without being threatened.

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