Christy Mack Challenged by War Machine Fans Over Vegas Twitter Pic

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Christy Mack has had a rough way to go lately. After allegedly getting beaten half to death by her ex-boyfriend, an MMA “fighter” who calls himself War Machine, she now faces a long road of recovery from her injuries.

As if that weren’t enough, a few miscreant fans of War Machine want to see him freed from jail and have taken to Twitter to harass Christy Mack and any who support her. They deny that her injuries were as bad as her own account and pictures show.

Recently a Christy Mack fan saw her venturing out from home with a friend to get something to eat The fan snapped a picture of Mack and posted it to Twitter. These “Free War Machine” folks tore into Mack, accusing her of having a “night on the town” so soon after her beating. The implication was that it must not have been that bad.

Mack responded to the haters.

“I’m not sure that picking up food in our sweat pants is ‘a night on the town'. You can see the damage to my face even in the dark. And I can’t drive myself,” she wrote. "I get out about once a day for a little bit. It’s depressing staying in one room sleeping all day.”

Porn star Jenna Jameson jumped in to defend Christy Mack against the haters, and ended up getting piled on herself.

War Machine was arrested without resistance in a hotel after he allegedly fled to California from Vegas to elude police.

UPDATE: War Machine has been extradited back to Vegas to face charges in the beating incident. Read the details here.

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