Christy Mack Alleged Attacker, War Machine, Extradited to Vegas to Face the Music

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Somebody beat the daylights out of porn star Christy Mack, leaving her hospitalized with 18 broken bones, a broken nose, ruptured liver, fractured rib, multiple stab wounds, and numerous missing and broken teeth. Christy Mack says it was her ex-boyfriend, a mixed martial arts fighter who calls himself War Machine.

After the attack, Mack posted pictures of her injuries, along with a detailed account of the incident, to her Twitter account.

According to Mack, War Machine cut off her hair with a kitchen knife, poked her in the ear with the knife, hand, and head, and then threatened her with the blade when the knife handle broke off.

“He has beaten me many times before,” she wrote, "but never this badly. He took my phone and canceled all of my plans for the following week to make sure no one would worry about my whereabouts. He told he was going to rape me, but was disappointed in himself when he could not get hard.”

Mack says she managed to get out of the house while War Machine rummaged through kitchen drawers, presumably looking for another knife.

The whole incident went viral quickly. Even Dog the Bounty Hunter got in on the action, promising to hunt down War Machine and bring him to justice.

But War Machine was picked up without incident in a California hotel munching on pizza. And now he is headed back to Vegas, where the attack took place, to face charges.

The police report lists the charges against War Machine, a.k.a. Jon Koppenhaver, as:

- Attempted Murder
- Battery with Substantial Bodily Harm
- Kidnapping
- Open and Gross Lewdness

War Machine is also charged with Battery with Substantial Bodily Harm against Corey Thomas, Mack’s male friend who War Machine found at her house that fateful night.

For his part, War Machine says he is “cursed” and ended up “fighting for [his] life” that night.

The police report does vary from Mack’s Twitter-posted story in that it says she was in bed with Corey Thomas, while she said he was completely clothed.

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