Christine Ouzonian Relishing Spotlight Brought By Ben Affleck Affair Allegations

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In a community where the people live and breathe gossip, there is no such thing as bad publicity.

Such is the case for Christine Ouzonian, the former nanny of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner that gained the public’s attention after reportedly having a secret affair with the new Batman actor.

Taking a page from Kim Kardashian’s book on celebrity scandals, the sultry nanny took advantage of the sudden limelight.

The 28-year-old alum of Arizona State hired a crisis PR firm which apparently gave her a fab image makeover, to the delight of hungry reporters.

Ouzounian was seen outside her home in LA wearing designer clothing and expertly done makeup and highlights, enjoying the moment as cameras took shots of Hollywood’s latest scandalous Barbie.

Though Affleck’s camp denies the actor’s involvement with Ouzounian, reports that reinforce the existence of an affair continue to pop up.

“Christine was overheard saying Ben hasn’t been returning any of her phone calls or texts since the relationship had been made public,” a source who also stayed in the Bel Air Hotel last Wednesday reported.

The hotel was allegedly the rendezvous spot for the two secret lovers.

“Ben has the suite at his disposal so he can come and go please he wants,” the insider said referring to a suite that Affleck booked for several months.

Ouzounian, fired by the Beverly Hills agency she worked for, was not the first nanny to have a forbidden romance with her celebrity boss. The nannies hired by Ethan Hawke, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Mick Jagger were also tempted by the Hollywood charm.

Despite Christine’s signing of a nondisclosure agreement with her latest ex-bosses, hot details on this notorious affair are still set to turn up as the agreement only covers the time of employment.

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