Christina Hendricks Dishes Dirt After Mad Men

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Christina Hendricks spoke to host Andy Cohen recently on Bravo's Watch What Happens Live. With the recent series finish-off of Mad Men, Christina Hendricks dusted off some things that she might not have otherwise said in public while the show was still running.

Christina Hendricks played the buxom Joan in the AMC hit series. But she says that show creator Matthew Weiner did something that bummed her.

"I would say the one thing that annoyed me, which I've told him to his face, is that he would write every direction so intensely that it would say, ‘Joan breathes in', 'Joan breathes out,' 'Joan picks up the cup,' 'Joan puts a cup down.' I said, 'You can trust me to know when to pick up a cup,' and he was like, 'No, I can't.'"

Christina Hendricks also talked with Seth Meyers about the ending of Mad Men.

"I'm really pleased with [the ending]," Hendricks said. "It was a very long, emotional day. We all cried."

Meyers asked her how fun it was to play Joan, who succeeded as a woman.

"It was fun as an actress to stir the pot," Hendricks said, "to have people talking about it. It was realistic options for that time."

She also said that she would make music playlists for "Joan" when the show first started, to get into her character. She would also read Helen Gurley Brown's books Sex and the Single Girl and Sex and the Office, which Matt Weiner used to model Joan.

Andy Cohen had Christina Hendricks and fellow guest Rita Wilson hold up flashlights while the stage lights dimmed. They played what Cohen called "Dish in the Dark" where he asked if they had recently told a lie. Christina Hendricks admitted that she had lied just "yesterday," but declined to be more specific.

While the lights were still down, Christina Hendricks revealed that she regretted doing the show MTV Undressed. Hendricks played the character Rhiannon for four episodes way back in 1999.

While the wrap-up of Mad Men is a downer for some fans, others see Hendricks' new availability as one little glimmer of hope that maybe, just maybe, Joss Whedon will call her for more Firefly episodes.

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