Christina Aguilera: The Fact That No Female Coach Has Won "The Voice" Yet Is Driving Her Nuts

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Christina Aguilera said recently that she's confident she can pull off a win on the 10th season of The Voice because she has such a strong team. The singer is hoping so, anyway, because there has never been a win before under a female coach's tutelage and it's really getting on her nerves.

"I'm most excited, 'cause I think I have the strongest team overall that I've had in all the seasons. I've done it since the first season. I'm hoping to break the girl curse… no actual girl coach has won it yet, and it's driving me nuts!" Aguilera told Extra.

The new season will be a chance for Christina to shine amongst her peers because she's been gone for a while, with Gwen Stefani filling in for her during her maternity leave. Of course, Gwen and Blake Shelton have made headlines for months over their blossoming romance, which began on the set of the show, but this season they'll have to compete with Aguilera for attention.

Christina Aguilera doesn't have any trouble being the center of attention; recently she wiggled into some tight white pants for a sketch on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and Will Ferrell, playing the wife of a small-town guy vying for best style. The sketch was a new version of an older one that they guys have done before, but Christina added her own flair to it.

Aguilera revealed recently that Patti LaBelle will be joining her on The Voice this season as a mentor, saying the music legend was so kind and even brought one of her iconic pies to share.

"When you have such amazing vocal talent that is legendary come on the show, it was like, all hail Patti, we actually had a really special moment...We did have a lot of laughs, a lot of fun and she was just, you know, she was so sweet and complimentary too," Christina Aguilera said.

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