Christie Brinkley: Daughter Alexa Ray Joel Transformed?

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Christie Brinkley is gorgeous at age 60. Her daughter with Billy Joel--Alexa Ray Joel--never looked much like her supermodel mom. Throughout the past months, however, she seems to look even less like Alexa Ray Joel. Has she been completely transformed by cosmetic surgery? It seems lots of people believe she has.

The 28-year-old singer's rep claims that's simply not the case, but rather the result of 'maturity' instead.

"Alexa has never had any plastic surgery other than a rhinoplasty, which she has admitted to," the rep said in an interview with Us Magazine. "She's simply matured into a beautiful young woman."

Joel even commented on the rumors about her supposed extensive cosmetic procedures on her Facebook page.

Christie Brinkley said back in January of this year that she has never had cosmetic surgery herself, but that she isn't opposed to the idea.

"I'd never say never [to plastic surgery]," Brinkley told PEOPLE magazine. "But there are so many other non-invasive choices that address sagging, wrinkling and discoloration."

It was rumored that Christie Brinkley had a face lift back in 2010--just a day before Alexa Ray Joel had her facelift--but she has remained coy about the rumor.

Given Brinkley's attitude about cosmetic surgery, it certainly wouldn't be unheard of for Alexa Ray Joel to have undergone some additional procedures besides her rhinoplasty. When one grows up in a home where her mother is Christie Brinkley, it might be hard to live feeling you were anything less than physically beautiful.

Have you see recent photos of Alexa Ray Joel? Do you think she has been surgically transformed or do you think her transformation over the past year or so is simply a result of maturity as the rep explained?

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