Christian Bale Wanted For Steve Jobs Film

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Christian Bale has proven over the years that he is completely devoted to his craft; as an actor willing to lose a substantial amount of weight in order to give audiences maximum impact in the film "The Machinist" and turn himself into an overweight, balding con artist for "American Hustle", his talent is sought out by directors who want his enthusiasm and devotion. That may be why, when Aaron Sorkin finished his untitled biopic about Steve Jobs, director David Fincher decided he couldn't do it without Bale.

Although Bale hasn't responded to the offer yet, Fincher says he can't think of another actor he'd want for the role. The film will focus largely on the launching of Mac, NeXT, and the iPod, and the script is based on Walter Isaacson's biography, which included interviews with Jobs as well as friends and family.

Bale has reportedly taken a break between jobs after finishing up Ridley Scott's "Exodus", in which he plays Moses. The Wrap is predicting a start date in early 2015 so that all parties involved can take this fall for promoting their current projects.

Steve Jobs has been the subject of quite a bit of fascination in recent years, and his life has already spawned a biopic starring Ashton Kutcher that grossed just $35 million. Sorkin and Fincher, who teamed up for "The Social Network", may have a different perspective, however, and there is active interest in a new movie.

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