Chrissy Teigen Deletes Choking Instagram Video

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American model Chrissy Teigen has caused quite a stir due to her recent Instagram video upload.

Although the video was a prank, it raised concerns from many of her Instagram followers, as it initially looked like anything but a joke.

As a matter of fact, lots of fans found it quite creepy and offensive.

The short 15-second clip features Teigen and her husband, R&B soul singer John Legend. In the video, John Legend is grabbing Teigen by the throat while she wished her fans "Merry Christmas". However, the video doesn't stop there.

It actually gets a little more disconcerting. The camera then moved to focus on his hand closing around her neck. Teigen even struggled, and fought back while crying out for help.

To the average viewer, the footage appeared to be real and quite disturbing. There was no clear ending as the clip ended abruptly. But, as soon as it was posted, the comments started pouring in, and the video quickly began to attract attention outside of Instagram.

What started as a joke turned out to be rather offensive. A number of critics even called the actual dramatization tasteless. Shortly after Teigen began noticing the negative comments and backlash, she immediately removed the video from her Instagram timeline.


While most who viewed the actual video were outraged, this isn't the first time Teigen has taken an Instagram joke too far. UPI reports that the Sports Illustrated model posted a video that she coined, "raspberry vagina". The video, which was posted back in October, featured an obscene gesture and an offensive sexual innuendo.

It captured Teigen blowing an actual raspberry into another model's crotch while another unidentified person explained the terminology.


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