Chrissy Teigen and John Legend Choke Back Video

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Hooray for social media-- through the magic of humanly errors in judgement, we learn way too much about people by just sitting there on the computer. A return from their lapse of clarity (or a frantic call from their publicist) may result in a deleted tweet or picture, but that's the thing about the internet-- it is always awake and ready.

Chrissy Teigen, the Sports Illustrated swimsuit model and now wife of soul crooner John Legend, is a bit of an outspoken social media socialite. To our delight (or not), she's engaged in not-so-pleasant exchanges with fellow Twitterlings and has given us a clear show of her sense of humor with the infamous "vagina raspberry" Instagram video.

Let us share that with you if you've been so unfortunate as to have missed that:

This time, hubby John Legend joins in the fun for a bit of good ol' Christmas cheer by way of pseudo-domestic violence. Not exactly sure of how that fits in with Christmas, but it happened. Chrissy deleted it quickly-- but not before her followers caught wind of it and got pretty concerned.

While no apologies were given, the self-described "demotivational speaker" who says she's "no Cindy Crawford" hasn't said a word more about it, which probably means, "Let's just forget that happened." Either way, how do you feel about it? Do you think that she should've deleted the video to avoid offense, or should she be able to do as she pleases? Let us know.

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