Chris Christie Shore Heckler Causes Boardwalk Temper Tantrum

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The Chris Christie shore heckler has, perhaps, proven the governor isn't too far removed from the cast members of "Jersey Shore", a group of individuals the guy apparently hates with a passion. If Christie wants to demolish the stereotype that folks from New Jersey are nothing more than opinionated loudmouths, he may want to take a quick look in the mirror.

During a stroll down the boardwalk, Christie was confronted by an individual who was, from what I can gather, a little irritated over the state's treatment of its teachers. After yelling something incomprehensible at the governor -- Christie claims the man swore in front of his children -- a heated exchange soon erupted. Armed with an ice cream cone and an violatile temper, Christie went on the offense, yelling at the guy who was just trying to stand up for New Jersey's educators. You can find video of the incident below, courtesy of TMZ.

Again, if Christie is concerned about what people say in front of his children, perhaps he should start making changes in his own life. In addition to calling former Navy SEAL William Brown an "idiot" during a town hall meeting in March, Christie also referred to a lawmaker as "one arrogant SOB". Just recently, he tossed at term "idiot" again, this time aimed reporter who asked an off-topic question. If you want respect, you've got to give respect.

But don't take my word for it -- have a look at the video embedded below. Although I'm sure Governor Christie will claim that he had valid reasons for reacting the way he did, the bigger man (no pun intended) would have simply walked away with his dignity and self respect intact. And who says New Jersey isn't full of loudmouths?


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