Chris Christie Easily Wins Reelection in New Jersey


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Republican governor Chris Christie won reelection last night, beating his opponent by getting a whopping 60 percent of the vote. State senator Barbara Buono only managed to garner 39 percent of the vote. While the election victory doesn't come as much of a surprise, the landslide victory has put Christie one step closer to a 2016 presidential run.

Check out a breakdown of the vote for governor below. With the exception of the minority vote, Christie won the other categories by a landslide.


At the election night party, Christie addressed his supporters with “Hey, hey, hey, how ‘bout this, New Jersey?” After calling himself "the luckiest guy in the world," Christie talked about the importance of bipartisanship, something many people have praised the Republican for and something that may give him an edge over other Republican contenders should he decide to run for president.

"We stand here tonight to show that it is possible to put doing your job first, to put working together first, to fight for what you believe in yet still stand by your principles and get something done for the people who elected you," Christie said.

Christie's opponent was clearly stung by the lack of support she received from New Jersey Democrats. Buono took New Jersey Democratic leaders to task during her speech and said that they betrayed her campaign.

"The Democrat political bosses--some elected, some not, made a deal with this governor, despite him representing everything they're supposed to be against," she said. "They didn't do it to help the state. They did it out of a desire to help themselves politically and financially."

Will Christie run for president?

"I am not going to declare tonight...that I am or I'm not running for president," Christie said in early October when asked about whether he was eyeing a 2016 White House bid. "I won't make those decisions until I have to."

During his victory speech, the Republican made a comment that many believe is a hint that the decision to run for president has already been made. "If we can do this in Trenton, New Jersey, maybe the folks in Washington, D.C. should tune in their TVs right now," Christie told his supporters.

Considering the plagiarism woes another Republican favorite, Kentucky senator Rand Paul, is now facing, Christie could very well win the Republican nomination when the time comes.

Who do you think will secure the Republican nomination in 2016? Respond below.

[Images via Instagram and CBS]