Chris Brown Violates Probation: Sent Back To Jail

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Just when you think Chris Brown is on a positive upswing, he does something to mess everything up.

This time the wrongdoing hasn't been revealed as of yet, but whatever he did, it got him kicked out of rehab and put back into jail.

Brown entered a Malibu rehab facility after having numerous legal issues, and problems with police, and everything began when he assaulted his former girlfriend Rihanna in 2009. As a result of that incident, Brown was put on five years probation.

According to an inside source for Hollywood Life, the 24 year old singer's girlfriend, Karrueche Tran, is terrified of Brown going to jail, and says since he has trouble taking orders, prison would be the absolute worse experience for him.

"If Chris gets locked up, it will be the single most devastating blow to his carer, his future and his life," said the source. "Chris, flat out, cannot be told what to do and hates following orders. Karrueche thinks his life would be over--literally over--like he would do the unthinkable if he had to go down for that long of a time. It would kill him."

In addition, the inside source said Tran is extremely worried about how much time Brown will spend in jail this go around, considering the judge has already given him multiple chances already.

"That is a definite possibility and it's one that Karrueche has been telling Chris not to think about for the longest time," said the source about Brown doing a long prison stint. "But now the pages have turned and she's thinking that now."

It'll be interesting to hear what Brown did to violate his probation, because so far there's been no word if he was involved in another assault, used some sort of drug or simply broke the rules of the rehabilitation center. Either way, it looks like he has a long road ahead of him, as he's just at the beginning of a whole new round of legal drama.

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