Chris Brown: "Swatting" Finds New Victim

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Over the past several months, a whole slew of celebrities have been the victim of a dangerous practice called "swatting", which involves someone making a fake emergency call just to get police to show up at the home of a famous person. So far, many of those targeted haven't been home when SWAT teams swarmed in--like Tom Cruise and Miley Cyrus--but some, like Kris Jenner, have been.

Now, the latest celebrity to fall victim to this prankster--assuming it's the same person--is performer Chris Brown. No word yet on whether he was home at the time, but officials say they received a call about a mother and father fighting and the father grabbing a gun. The caller hung up without giving any more details.

Most of the calls seem to involve a shooting, and when police show up they are confronted with very confused homeowners. Kris Jenner was shocked to open her door and find a group of cops standing there, expecting to find a gunman.

The L.A.P.D. says they are serious about catching the culprit and are trying to make the practice of swatting a federal offense.

“What we want to do is have the legislature turn up the heat on these people. This is a serious, serious crime," L.A. County Sheriff Steve Whitmore said.

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