Chris Brown Lied? New Report Doubts Community Service Claims

Amanda CrumLife

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Chris Brown, who is now famously back in a relationship with ex-girlfriend Rihanna after a violent altercation between them left her beaten and bloody in 2009, may not have actually completed his court-ordered community service after his arrest for the incident.

The District Attorney in L.A. has submitted legal documents claiming that Brown lied about the amount of hours he completed while working at Tappahannock Children's Center in Virgina, also alleging that Brown was jetting around the world during some of the time he claimed he was serving at Tappahannock.

The police department in Richmond, Virginia have allegedly admitted that there was not always a member of the force supervising Brown during his scheduled work time and that on some occasions, there was no one supervising him at all. After the D.A. did some digging, he discovered that Brown couldn't have been working on some of the reported dates, because he was performing at shows. He says that Brown's documentation was "at best sloppy ... and at worst fraudulent reporting." Included in the documents filed is a request for Brown to be ordered to finish out his community service sentence.

Amanda Crum
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