Chloe Sevigny: New Show Premieres Monday on A&E

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Chloe Sevigny stars in a new drama series on A&E that is set to premiere on Monday March 3rd. Those Who Kill stars Sevigny alongside James D'Arcy. Both play law-enforcement officials who are haunted by the demons that exist because of their professions.

"There's this great lineage of cops on TV and there's been all these amazing male characters that are morally ambiguous, and finally to have a female one ... I just felt like this was a great opportunity," Sevigny said regarding her return to television during a recent interview with TV Guide. "I thought the character was really complex and multilayered."

Sevigny will play the role of recently promoted homicide detective Catherine Jensen, but she likely won't be the overtly sexy kind of female detective TV has come to expect.

"Catherine and my character are both pretty damaged individuals. ... They see themselves as kindred spirits right away," D'Arcy said during the same interview. "Thomas is studying a live case here, which I think is very exciting to him. ... But also, within all of that, he has a very protective streak toward her."

Chloe Sevigny is quick to point out that there won't be any kind of romance taking place between her character and D'Arcy's.

"Our head writer, Glen Morgan, wrote on The X-Files, and they liked to keep tension between Scully and [Mulder]," she says. "So I think that was more the model that they wanted to follow."

"Catherine, to me, is the biggest mystery of the show," Sevigny says. "What happened to her, the crime that happened to her in her family, is the big crime of the whole series, and she just can't live her life until it's solved. I feel like a lot of people, when a crime happens to somebody that they love, it just becomes their identity, and that's what happened to her. When people lose someone, their grief overcomes them to the extent that they just can't live their life. ... They can't find any peace; they can't find any rest. That's exactly what's going on with Catherine, and that's what I thought was so interesting. Instead of just her being an alcoholic like every other cop on TV, or her having some sort of mental problem, it's the crime. It's really informed who she is and what she's become and what she's doing with her life."

"This is not a serial killer-of-the-week show, which was important to me. ... [Morgan's] plan and his hope was to make a show that was more focused on the victims than on the perpetrators, which I thought was an interesting twist on these kind of stories," James D'Arcy adds.

Sevigny has had film roles, too. She starred in 2013 in Lovelace as Rebecca.

This is Chloe Sevigny's second time playing a leading lady on TV. She previously starred on a British series called Hit & Miss which aired back in 2012. It is expected that Those Who Kill will take her to new heights as the star of a hit TV show this time around.

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