Chipper Jones Yankees Rumors Shot Down


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Earlier this week, the New York Yankees General Manager Brian Cashman stated that Larry "Chipper" Jones would be "perfect" for the Yankees. Now, Chipper Jones himself has shot the rumors down, much to the delight of Atlanta Braves fans.

The rumors fueled rampant speculation that the Yankees, who are plagued with injuries, could be getting desperate, and are looking for just about anyone to fill their roster.

Jones is more than just anyone, however. During his 19-year MLB career with the Atlanta Braves, Jones earned eight National League All-Star awards and was the National League's 1999 MVP. He ended his career in 2012 with a .303 batting average and 468 home runs. The third baseman

As much as the Yankees might want him (and as much as they may be willing to pay him), it seems that Jones is happy with retirement. The baseball star took to Twitter to dispel the rumors that he could soon be seen wearing pinstripes:

Later on, Jones even joked about how the rumors had raised his Twitter follower count:

(Image via Djh57/Wikimedia Commons)