Chipotle Scarecrow Encourages Better Food Choices

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As processed foods are on the rise and being sold at grocery stores and fast food chains, one restaurant is suggesting we all begin eating healthier.

Earlier this week, Chipotle released a video and a game, that revolves around a scarecrow. When watching the video clip, we follow around the scarecrow as he witnesses food created in factories and chickens injected so that they are more plump to eat. He has a frown on his face until he escapes the large city and goes to a countryside where he picks fresh vegetables that he takes back to the city to sell, in the form of Chipotle tacos. He wants to offer the people something fresh to eat, in a world where processed foods are almost everywhere.

The video is sort of depressing. Fiona Apple singing 'Pure Imagination' plays in the background in a sad, almost monotone voice. The video ends with the slogan "Cultivate a Better World", hanging on a giant banner.

On a website started by Chipotle,, there is a statement saying that "“The Scarecrow” is at once an addicting game, a poignant short film, and a project that reflects what we believe in. The city of Plenty is a glimpse at a future that may not be far off. Processed food, animal confinement, and the use of synthetic growth hormones, non-therapeutic antibiotics, and toxic pesticides are rampant in our food supply. Educating people about alternatives is a journey for the Scarecrow, and it continues to be a journey for us."

The website also discusses the game "The Scarecrow", which is downloadable through the App Store. "The Scarecrow needs your help to foil the evil plans of Crow Foods and break the crows‘ monopoly on food production and supply in the city of Plenty. Tilt your device to navigate through each level, outsmart the Crowbots, unlock extras, and restore hope for animals, farms, and the environment, while providing the citizens of Plenty a healthy and delicious alternative," is posted on

This new campaign created by Chiptole comes from the heart and will make you think about the food choices that you make.

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