China Stabbing Attack Kills 33 People

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A Chinese railway station was the site of a recent knife attack that wounded at least 130 people. The attack occurred on Saturday at the Kunming train station in the country's southwestern Yunnan province. According to reports, at least 10 people began to stab people at the railway. At least 33 people were killed during the stabbing including four of the attackers. Five of the attackers are still on the loose and one was arrested at the scene.

Media reports claim that the attackers were separatists from the volatile Xinjiang province in the far west. After the attack, police released a warning to everyone in the city, explaining that some of the attackers were still running free.

According to witnesses, there was a stabbing every 4 seconds. Many of the people in the station worked together to stop some of the attackers from doing more harm. The police, who are usually not armed, also attempted to stop the attacks. The four attackers who died were killed by gunshots wounds.

Chinese newspapers are calling the stabbings a terrorist attack and comparing it to 9/11. "It was a typical terrorist attack and also a severe crime against the humanity. It was China's "9/11.Any explanation for the attack, like those in previous cases elsewhere in China, would be feeble at the bloody scene, where mothers, sons and daughters were slaughtered by strangers. Nothing justifies such a carnage against innocent civilians," an article in the Global Times newspaper read.

The group responsible for the attack believe that their freedoms, culture, and religion are being taken over by the Chinese government and have attempted other attacks in the past. The Chinese police have been able to contain the attacks until Saturday, and are worried that more violent attacks may occur in the future.

Police are still looking for the 5 attackers who committed the stabbings but got away.

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