China Invents Robot Chefs To Replace Lazy Kids

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People will take any job they can get in this economy. Pride is no longer an issue as people young and old take up working at restaurants to pay the bills. It appears that the youth in China have much more flexibility and can still refuse to work at restaurants. That's a problem for China's restaurants who rely on the cheap labor to slice noodles. Their solution? Robot slave labor.

Restaurants around China are now buying these noodle slicing robots to replace the noodle slicing worker in the kitchen. One restaurant says that the robot is far superior to any human help that he's received and much cheaper. He said that a human worker would cost him the yuan equivalent of $4,000 USD in wages for a year. The robot was just a one time purchase of $1,500.

It seems that customers also like the robot. There seems to be no difference in taste or texture from the robot cook. I guess people also like the novelty of a robot preparing their food for them. I will admit that it does have a certain charm. Check it out for yourself:

It's pretty cool that China now has robot cooks. The only problem is that these robot noodle slicers look too harmless. Can we really trust them with a sharp object? Will they turn the noodle knife on us? I don't know about you, but I don't think I want to end up as some robot's entree at a Chinese restaurant.

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