Chief Keef: Rapper In Custody Following Shooting Incident In Northfield, Illinois

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Chief Keef surely isn’t liking where he is now. The rapper behind “I Don't Like” is currently in the custody of the Northfield Police department in Chicago. According to reports, he was present during a shooting incident in a home located in Northfield that landed one person in the hospital on the morning of March 26.

According to the Northfield Police department, the incident is still under investigation. The North Regional Major Crimes Task Force has been assigned to do the probing together with the Attorney’s office of the Cook County State. The police believe that the shooting is an isolated case and that “the community is safe.”

The shooting took place in a house along Happ Road that is being rented by Chief Keef’s manager. The road has been closed off due to the ongoing investigation, and only residents are allowed to pass. According to residents, their neighborhood has been getting a lot of traffic problems and noise. Chief Keef’s neighbors said that fans of the rapper will drive by, shout the rapper’s name, and honk their horns.

The shooting victim was taken to the NorthShore Skokie Hospital and is now recovering at the hospital’s intensive care unit.

Chief Keef was one of the passengers in the car that dropped off the victim. The rapper was questioned about his involvement in the shooting incident at the police station on Wednesday. Keef’s lawyer Leah Starkman confirms that her client was present during the incident but was not the shooter, and was not involved at all. According to Starkman, Chief Keef did not even see what happened.

When asked what the relationship between the rapper and the victim was, the lawyer replied that the victim was just an acquaintance.

Viktor Mehta, the property manager of the house, said he received a call from the police informing him about the incident. According to him, the rapper’s manager has been renting the house in Northfield for almost a year, and that the manager is behind on his rent. The manager told Mehta that this was because his client was in rehab.

Chief Keef was released from a drug rehabilitation center recently.

Chief Keef: 'I Don't Like'

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