Chicago Man Takes Foot Fetish Too Far, Masturbates In Co-Worker's Shoe


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The foot fetish can manifest itself in many different ways. Some people are content to just look at pictures of people wearing shoes, but others take it too far by stealing shoes. Last week, one Chicago man went way too far in his quest to get off on feet.

The Chicago Sun Times reports that Tim Margis, Concordia University's public safety director, was arrested for allegedly masturbating into his co-worker's shoe. The deed itself allegedly took place on February 10 as the victim caught him leaving her office while buttoning up his pants.

I would like to like to think that warning sirens were going off at this point, but the victim simply asked Margis what he was doing. He claimed to be checking the room as the door had been left open. It's a pretty good excuse for a public safety director, but he made one small mistake - he left a "clear liquid" inside one of her shoes.

As you can imagine, the police were immediately called and Margis was visited by detectives on February 12. Upon questioning, he admitted to shooting the porridge gun in her shoe and was charged with public indecency and disorderly conduct.

Compared to some of the others in our gallery of deviants, Margis got off pretty easy with just two misdemeanors. It doesn't mean that he got off without permanent consequence though. Concordia University made sure he won't be working with them again:

“At that point the employee was suspended and banned immediately from campus. We cooperated fully with the investigation and he was terminated on Feb. 13 for misconduct, less than 24 hours later.”

The wheel of morality tells us today that a central tenet of keeping your job is to not masturbate in the shoes of your co-workers. Know what? You probably shouldn't masturbate at work at all, unless that is your job. Lucky bastard.

Image via River Forest Police Department