Chelsea Houska's Dad Approves of 'Teen Mom 2' Star's New Love Cole DeBoer

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Chelsea Houska is happier than ever. She's in love with a new guy, and her dad seems to approve of her choice whole-heartedly.

Randy Houska has alway had his protective eye on his daughter and never thought her ex, Adam Lind, was good enough for her. But, things are very different with Chelsea's new boyfriend of four months, Cole DeBoer.

For years, Randy and Lind's relationship has been contentious, even to the point of fighting on camera in the last Teen Mom 2 reunion special.

Randy's desire to protect his girl is not surprising, considering the baby daddy to his five-year-old granddaughter, Aubree, has been in and out of jail many times.

Insiders told RadarOnline that Chelsea's dentist daddy thinks DeBoer, a traffic control specialist, is like a breath of fresh air.

“Cole is so polite; a yes sir, no sir kind of guy,” a source said. “Randy thinks he is the ‘Anti-Adam!’”

According to the website, the two men bonded during a boys weekend away at the family’s Nebraska cabin last weekend.

“Cole and Randy got along well,” another insider says. “He treats Chelsea and Aubree so well. That’s all that really matters.”

What a difference from her 23-year-old ex, who put her through the ringer with his cheating and partying. Chelsea finally got to the breaking point and threw his not-so-scrawny butt to the curb.

The Inquisitr reports that now Chelsea may take Lind to court to seek full custody of their daughter after a series of events.

Apparently, a set of guidelines were given to Lind’s parents to protect Aubree from being left alone with him. However, Donna and Vernon Lind are allegedly refusing to respect Houska’s wishes.

“Adam’s parents are in denial and think he hasn’t done anything wrong,” an insider told Radar.

Of further concern is stalking charges facing Lind after he allegedly shoved ex-girlfriend Brooke Beaton, 26, during an altercation, leading the mother of two to file an order of protection against Lind. In the order filed, she claims he has become violent toward her on numerous occasions in recent months.

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