Chelsea Handler Ditches Instagram, Heads to Twitter With Topless Photo

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Chelsea Handler slammed Instagram on Friday after they removed a topless photo of the sometimes controversial comedienne and actress from its site. In the topless shot, Handler is looking for her dog Chunk.

This definitely isn't the first time something Chelsea Handler posted has been removed from Instagram either. It was back in October when she posted a spoof of Vladimir Putin. In that photo she was riding a horse topless the same as he was in another photo.

At the time she said, "Taking this down is sexist. I have every right to prove I have a better body than Putin. If a man posts a photo of his nipples, it's ok, but not a woman? Are we in 1825?"

Chelsea Handler hasn't, however, removed her Instagram account, meaning that fans--and Instagram--may in fact once again find the former Chelsea Lately star in yet another state of undress.

She has, however, made mention on the social networking site that her private parts are still on display--on Twitter.

"You can now find my dogs and my breasts on Twitter only where my followers have the right to choose what they say. Bye bye instablock."

She wasn't kidding either.

How long do you suppose it might be before Chelsea Handler tries to post something else that Instagram deems controversial? Might she go full frontal the next time around?

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