Chelsea Clinton: The First Woman President?

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Chelsea Clinton has lived in the political spotlight for most of her life. Her parents have both been actively involved in politics, so it just makes sense that Chelsea would be too.

As the daughter of former president Bill Clinton, Chelsea has been asked on numerous occasions if she has ever thought about running for office. Normally, Clinton answers with a firm no, however she recently revealed, during an interview with Fast Company magazine, that she is not ruling it out and is leaving the door open for the future.

"I live in a city and a state and a country where I support my elected representatives," Clinton explained. "If at some point that weren't the case, and I didn't support my mayor or my city councilwoman or my congresswoman or either of my senators--and I'm lucky to live in a state where I have lots of women representing me, you know--maybe then I'd have to ask and answer the question for myself, and come to a different answer."

Clinton has made similar comments over the past couple of years to different media outlets, including CNN. In August 2013, Clinton, along with her mother and father, were on a trip to Africa with the Chelsea Foundation. While there, CNN caught up with Chelsea and asked her what her future in politics currently looked like.

"I'm grateful to live in a city and a state and a country where I really believe in my elected officials, and their ethos and their competencies," she said. "Someday, if either of those weren't true, and I thought I could make more of a difference in the public sector, or if I didn't like how my city or state or country were being run, I'd have to ask and answer that question."

Clinton's father has total faith in his daughter's abilities, and even said that he thought she would make a good president ... even better than her mother. "Day after tomorrow, my wife because she's had more experience," Bill said when he was asked who would make a better president. "Over the long run, Chelsea. She knows more than we do about everything."

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