Chelsea Clinton Pregnant With Her First Child

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It's going to be a special year for the Clintons.

Chelsea Clinton announced Thursday that she and her husband, Marc Mexvinsky, are expecting their first child this fall.

Clinton, 34, is the daughter of former President Bill Clinton and ex-Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton.

The world has been waiting impatiently for the former first daughter to have a little Clinton heir. In an interview with Glamour magazine last year, she said having a family was in the works, calling 2014 "the year of the baby.

"Marc and I are very excited that we have our first child arriving later this year and I certainly feel all the better whether it's a girl or a boy that she or he will grow up in a world with so many strong female leaders," Clinton said in New York, alongside her mother at a Clinton Foundation event on empowering women.

"I just hope I will be as good a mom to my child and hopefully children as my mom was to me," she said.

Hillary Clinton, the former first lady, secretary of state and New York senator, said she was "really excited" about becoming a grandma.

"It makes this work even more important because we've made a lot of progress," Clinton said. "I want to see us keep moving and certainly for future generations as well so that maybe our grandchild will not have to be worried about some of the things that young women and young men are worried about today."

Like most people with good news to share, Hillary posted the news to Twitter.

And in perfect grandfather-to-be fashion, the former president also tweeted his excitement.

While her mother contemplates a run for the White House, Chelsea will juggle baby-prep with her work as vice chair of the Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation and as a special correspondent for NBC News.

She has contemplated following in her parents' footsteps by running for office, but that may need to be put on hold for a bit.

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