Chef Killed Over Meal of Fried Noodles


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It's never a good idea for a chef to argue or fight with customers. This is especially true if those customers are capable of beating someone to death.

According to an Australian Associated Press (AAP) report, Japanese chef Miki Nozawa died on Monday after a fight with two "disgruntled" customers. The incident took place on the German island of Sylt, and the argument was reportedly about the quality of a fried noodle dish. The customer did not like dish, and left the restaurant without paying. The AAP report states that Nozawa ran into the two customers later that same day at a "table-dance bar," where the fight broke out.

The 57-year-old Nozawa was taken to a nearby hospital with brain trauma and internal injuries, but died while in intensive care. The specific cause of death is not yet known, though a German prosecutor has stated an autopsy is being performed.

The customers suspected in Nozawa's death had not yet been found by authorities as of Wednesday.