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Alison Krauss has one of those angelic voices that can either make you instantly happy or bring tears to your eyes before you curl up in the fetal position. Her haunting vocals have been lent to projects with Sting and Robert Plant, just to name a couple, and now she’s brought them to a song for a Sandra Boynton book/CD about a lost plush rabbit trying to make it home in a storm.

The video tells the story of a boy and his mama having a picnic on a lovely day when suddenly, the sky begins to amass an army of storm clouds. In their hurry to pack up their things and get to the car before the rain falls, they fail to see that the boy’s bunny has been left behind. So begins the journey of a plucky stuffed animal who just wants to get home.

The song is from Boynton’s mixed-media project “Frog Trouble”. Check out the video and try not to let the guy in the next cubicle see you cry.

Alison Krauss – “End of a Summer Storm” from Sandra Boynton’s "Frog Trouble" [Official Music Video] from Crazy Lake Pictures on Vimeo.

Image via Vimeo

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