Check Out Some More Multiplayer From God of War: Ascension


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God of War: Ascension comes out next week, and you'd be forgiven if you forgot the game had a multiplayer mode. Most of the press leading up to the game's release has been focused on the traditional single player campaign without much attention being given to this new gameplay element.

To correct that oversight, Sony has been sharing some videos over the past few days that help to show what players will be getting themselves into once God of War: Ascension launches next week on March 12. The first is a look at Poseidon and how pledging allegiance to him will help players overcome their enemies in multiplayer battles:

Up next is a look at the new Trial of the Gods mode. In previous games, this was a simple extra mode that allowed players to take on challenges against increasingly tougher enemies to unlock rewards for use in the main game. In Ascension, players can now take on these challenges with a co-op partner, or go it alone.

Finally, here's a look at three of the multiplayer maps that will be shipping with the game: