Check Out Pittsburg State's Massive Tablet

IT Management

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For the past few years, all technology has been racing to become the smallest device in its class. Now we're heading back up again with companies trying to make the biggest phone and tablet. Well, I hate to break it to Lenovo, but Pittsburg State now has the king of massive tablets.

Pittsburg State calls it the iPlan Table, and it's part of the school's construction management curriculum. You may have seen a foreman at a construction site using a massive paper blueprint, but the future is going paperless. The school wants to prepare its students for the construction sites of tomorrow by implementing digital technologies in the classroom of today.

As you can see, the only thing special about the iPlan Table is its size. It's a desktop running a normal version of Windows 7 with touch input. It's still impressive to see a touchscreen of this size being deployed outside of very special circumstances though. The school even states that its the first construction management program in the country to use the technology.

Of course, technology like this will be used in more classes around the country as it develops. I wouldn't be surprised if the classroom of the future had embedded touchscreens in the desks for students to work on problems without the need for paper or pencils.