Cheating Wife Nina Goes Viral After Husband’s Best Man Appears to Capture Damning Video

This week, the internet was witness to a very embarrassing gotcha moment as a woman, identified only as “Nina”, was allegedly caught cheating on her husband – by his best man.

The original video was posted to reddit, along with a story. Apparently, Nina and her husband had been married for about a year-and-a-half, and he had suspected she was performing some extracurricular activities for some time. Confiding in his best friend (and best man at the couple’s wedding), he asked him to check it out.

And the best man obliged. Cellphone in hand, he went out to confront Nina. He found her in a bar – in the arms of another man. That’s where the now-viral video picks up

The original video, which had amassed hundreds of thousands of views and thousands of comments, has been deleted. Of course, nothing is ever truly deleted on the internet …

Here’s how the original poster described the scenario on reddit:

“This girl and her husband got married a year and a half ago in Thailand. A bunch of my friends flew out for this spectacular wedding. She had cheated on him once before with the same guy and apparently got gonorrhea of the throat from him. She confessed to her husband and asked for forgiveness and he forgave her. Flash forward to a week or so ago and he suspected her of cheating again. Found out she was at this bar through social media or something and asked his best friend if he would go check it out. After finding out, the husband went home, took the car, took her ring, and told her she had until the end of the day to move out. That’s all I really know.”

Yikes. Let’s just hope this is some sort of marketing stunt or vial hoax – cause that’s just brutal.

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